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Weekend in Nisswa

GOLD Staff

Looking for a fun getaway with your family? You've found it! With a charming atmosphere only two and a half hours north of the Twin Cities, Nisswa is the perfect place to spend a weekend.

Ready for some sunshine and smiles?

Nisswa in Smalltown, USA, is the perfect getaway spot for your family's upcoming weekend adventure! With its charming atmosphere only two and a half hours north of the Twin Cities, this lovely little town promises to be fun no matter what summer activity you choose.

So don't wait any longer - come on down to Smiley (oops, we mean Nisswa) today!

Sweet Stay

Good Ol' Days is the perfect place to make lasting memories. Whether it's cheering on your new Worm and Minnow Race buddy or getting energized with Lawn Yoga, there are plenty of ways to have fun!

Or if you're looking for something indoors, check out the Lodge Game Room table games like ping pong and pool or arcade games like Big Buck Hunter will keep everyone entertained during a rainy day.

Awesome water rentals are also available: kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and even paddle boats are complimentary. Many outdoor activities await under sunny skies; beach volleyball anyone? Plus, great lawn games such as Corn Hole and Croquet will bring hours of laughter!

Book today and discover how sweet life can stay when you visit our slice of paradise.

Morning Mix

If you’re not enjoying our continental breakfast, start your morning with a breakfast of champions just half a mile away in downtown Nisswa! Borrow one of our free bike rentals and take the short trip to Ganley's for pancakes you've been dreaming about or sink your teeth into their well-known cinnamon roll.

When time is of the essence, Stonehouse Coffee scones are ready around the corner, providing deliciousness in every bite, along with Adirondack Coffee’s energizing iced chaigreat for combatting summer heat.

Shopping Spree

Pretty good shopping awaits after fueling up. Visit the unique Zaiser's store, where you'll find the perfect gift you didn’t know your friend needed.

Then, pump up your adventure plans with plenty of sports supplies from Martin’s. Whatever experience awaits, they have everything needed to make it unforgettable.

Last but not least, fashionistas should take advantage of the vast selection of boutique styles. Get spruced up in the trendiest looks that will surely make an impression!

Lunch List

Nisswa prides itself on convenience. Seven restaurants are spaced out in less than a mile: the perfect recipe for an easy decision!

Speedy dining experiences are offered at every location, but our top recommendations are Rafferty’s Pizza and Big Axe Brewery. Family-size pizzas at Rafferty’s go a long way in keeping energy and morale at their all-time best.

If you’re looking for a bit more people gawking, sit outside at their nearby neighbor. Big Axe has an excellent kid-friendly environment during summer months and Friday nights are lively with get this live music.

Dessert is an absolute must, and The Chocolate Ox serves up more than looks, with amazing delights sure to make life sweeter.

Afternoon Activities

Did someone say booze cruise? Because we totally didn’t; come on, there are children on board! Time to pack a cooler (or two) with drinks to enjoy an evening pontoon joy ride around the lake. Ask a member of our staff about available Good Ol' Days pontoon rentals and they can point you to the beach in no time.

You'll have total freedom as you cruise around or show off your water-skiing skills, and if you stick around long enough, you can experience the added perk of the afternoon shift the jaw-dropping lake sunset that might make you extend your outing.

There’s simply no excuse not to go. An afternoon boat ride promises hours of fun with friends (or family!) under those golden rays.


Dinner Date – Family Style

Following that relaxation ride, restaurants may have moved into mind. Venture back to Nisswa to treat yourself to tasty meals with our friends at Main Street Ale House.

The chef is constantly crafting new creations and deserves five stars any day of the week. Plus, mention your stay at Good Ol' Days for a special 15% Off Discount to top it all off!

Nightly Needs

Grab your closest friends and join us for an unforgettable summer evening by the lake. Get cozy around our nightly bonfire, with views of a truly awe-inspiring starry night sky to set the mood.

Make s'mores together, or simply sit back and enjoy all that this unique season has in store. We promise you won't regret making it a part of your summer adventure!

Slumber Sign-Off

Ready for more action after a jam-packed day? You may want to save up some energy and sleep on it.

Check out all that's in store with Best of the Brainerd Lakes Area for your Day Two itinerary. Get ready; lake life has never been more inviting than this summer season!

Call 1 (800) 227-4501 to book your best vacation yet!

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